Welcome to the Chuback Medical Group, located exclusively in Paramus, New Jersey. Our priority is to provide you with customized care for your face and body through safe and effective nonsurgical and minimally invasive alternatives. We strive to achieve a superior level of patient care by using the most advanced cosmetic, medical and therapeutic treatments available.

We use the most advanced technology & latest techniques!

Our staff at Chuback Medical Group is highly trained and has extensive knowledge and expertise in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. Our various cosmetic filler and neuromodulator procedures are effective in treating fine lines and wrinkles to help you maintain a healthy and natural-looking appearance. We also offer several solutions for those unsightly leg veins, including sclerotherapy and endovenous laser ablation. We offer complimentary CoolSculpting consultations that allow us to customize a treatment program that fits your individual needs. We are passionate about creating an experience that will improve your total well-being and beauty. At the Chuback Medical Group, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a new incredible you!

Chuback Education

Chuback EducationChuback Education was founded in 2014 by John A. Chuback, M.D. The motivation for starting the company was a sincere desire on the part of Dr. Chuback to share what he has learned in a lifelong pursuit of education and personal development.

Hopefully, you will find our books, audio programs, and other educational resources helpful. They have been created out of an intense passion to share what our founder has come to learn is perhaps the most beautiful and valuable of all life experiences… maturation, expansion, and strengthening of the human mind. We hope you will choose to join us in this never-ending and very rewarding pursuit.