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What sitting for too long does to your legs

While Americans are no strangers to traditional 9-to-5 desk jobs and driving extended rush hour commutes, it’s no secret that the recent lockdown effectively worked to reinforce our largely sedentary lifestyles. Let’s face it, even before the lockdown many of us were already guilty of binging our favorite shows on repeat, leaving it safe to

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5 Ways to Cope with Pain from Varicose Veins This Summer

If you’re one of the 40 million Americans suffering from varicose vein problems, then you’re most likely familiar with how irritating and troublesome your veins can get during the hot summer months. The itchy, aching feeling in your legs is a common symptom of varicose veins that many people wish to avoid completely but as

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Why Do My Legs Feel So Tired and Heavy?

It’s no secret that the average American is accustomed to spending long hours of the day working or on their feet. Between 40+ hour work weeks, running a functional household, and the seemingly bottomless list of additional responsibilities, exhaustion and fatigue are no strangers to those working to maintain a satisfactory standard of life. To

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The 7 Most Common Myths About Varicose Veins Debunked

With over 40 million Americans suffering from varicose veins and only a fraction of the afflicted population seeking treatment, self-diagnosing with misinformation found on the internet is a mistake made all too often. The warmer seasons especially contribute to the influx of inquiries concerning varicose veins as weather-appropriate outfits often require legs to be more

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6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Circulation While You Travel

With COVID-19 vaccinations rolling out and the country gradually reopening, plans to travel are on everyone’s mind. Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination, accounting for your circulation problems is a must if you want to avoid any potential discomfort or pain during your well-deserved trip. Instead of missing out on travel plans or

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The Secret to Summer Legs Starts in the Spring!

With sunny spring days upon us, the summer will be here before we know it–don’t let unsightly spider veins keep you from participating in all the fun! It’s time to pack away those long winter garbs and realign with the season. If you’ve found your spider veins tend to make you shy away from daytime

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A Silent Killer May Be Lurking in Your Veins

Imaging the scene… A world-renowned reporter is on assignment covering the war in Iraq. Cramped inside a flatbed military vehicle, his legs are confined to a tight space for hours as he records the events unfolding before him: ear-piercing fighter jets soaring overhead, fiery bombs exploding to the left and right, and gunfire reverberating all

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Fall is THE BEST Time of the Year to Treat your Vein Problems

Perhaps you’ve spent this past summer covering your legs, avoiding the beach, or being too self-conscious to wear a dress to dinner.  Little by little, you’ve noticed your legs feeling heavier and sprouting blue and bulging veins that are simply wreaking havoc on your once-attractive legs.  Our age, heredity or lifestyle can leave some of

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