Few would argue with the fact that today’s women are busier than ever. Between working full time and looking after the house and children, most women feel they can’t slow down. However, swollen legs & ankles can quickly put a stop to even the busiest woman’s schedule. Not only are swollen legs visually unappealing, they can be uncomfortable, painful, and leave you feeling drained and discouraged. It’s no wonder women hate this common problem, but with the right kind of care, swollen ankles can soon be a thing of the past.

Why do Bergen County, NJ women suffer from swollen legs & ankles?

While it may not seem an obvious reason, in many cases leg and ankle swelling is caused by problems in the venous system. Your veins are tasked with moving blood from your extremities back to your heart. They are assisted by a series of tiny one-way valves that allow blood to move towards the heart but keep it from flowing backwards. Heredity, age, and damage can all prevent your valves and veins from effectively doing their job, leaving blood to give into gravity and pool downward. This buildup of fluids can lead to painful and distracting swelling.
Women are more likely to experience venous disease than men, so they are more likely to experience swollen legs & ankles due to venous insufficiency. Similarly, people who are overweight, live a sedentary lifestyle, or work a standing occupation are more likely to experience vein issues. Focusing on managing your weight, exercising regularly, and moving around often while on the job can help keep blood circulating as it should, but this may not be enough for everyone. If lifestyle changes aren’t helping relieve your swelling, it may be time to consult with a vascular doctor.

How can a vascular doctor help relieve my leg and ankle swelling?

Meeting with a vascular doctor (such as Dr. John Chuback) gives you access to diagnostic and treatment tools that will assist in eliminating your swelling. Your doctor will run tests to find the root cause of your venous issues and recommend treatment based on your particular situation. In some cases compression stockings may be enough to relieve symptoms. These stockings apply helpful pressure to your ankles and calves to help encourage blood to move upwards rather than pooling down. They are easy to find at most drug, medical supply stores and are also available at our office.

In some cases a doctor may recommend treating the root cause of the swelling through a minimally invasive vein disease treatment in NJ. These treatments work to seal off problematic veins without surgical incisions, general anesthesia, or lengthy hospital stays. Even the busiest of women will find that these procedures have a speedy recovery period and do not necessitate much time out of your daily life.

Swollen legs & ankles can leave women feeling tired and uncomfortable, but there are options out there to help anyone feel as good as new. At Chuback Medical Group we understand how frustrating it is to deal with leg and ankle swelling. Our Bergen County vein specialists are committed to providing an individualized treatment plan to help every woman (and man) find the right solution for their vascular issues. Give our office a call at 201-693-4847 to learn more about your options.

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