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5 Ways to Cope with Pain from Varicose Veins This Summer

If you’re one of the 40 million Americans suffering from varicose vein problems, then you’re most likely familiar with how irritating and troublesome your veins can get during the hot summer months. The itchy, aching feeling in your legs is a common symptom of varicose veins that many people wish to avoid completely but as

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Why Do My Legs Feel So Tired and Heavy?

It’s no secret that the average American is accustomed to spending long hours of the day working or on their feet. Between 40+ hour work weeks, running a functional household, and the seemingly bottomless list of additional responsibilities, exhaustion and fatigue are no strangers to those working to maintain a satisfactory standard of life. To

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The 7 Most Common Myths About Varicose Veins Debunked

With over 40 million Americans suffering from varicose veins and only a fraction of the afflicted population seeking treatment, self-diagnosing with misinformation found on the internet is a mistake made all too often. The warmer seasons especially contribute to the influx of inquiries concerning varicose veins as weather-appropriate outfits often require legs to be more

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