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Leg pain

A Silent Killer May Be Lurking in Your Veins

Imaging the scene… A world-renowned reporter is on assignment covering the war in Iraq. Cramped inside a flatbed military vehicle, his legs are confined to a tight space for hours as he records the events unfolding before him: ear-piercing fighter jets soaring overhead, fiery bombs exploding to the left and right, and gunfire reverberating all

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Stop Fad Dieting. Start CoolSculpting®!

Let’s face it.  We’ve all been there.  Perhaps we are in a store dressing room trying on clothes, and we find our normal size seems to be running small.  Or, we’re in our own closet and pull our favorite cocktail dress to try on a week before the party – only to discover something’s wrong

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CoolSculpting®, what exactly is it?

One would think that after maintaining a pretty consistent regimen of exercise and healthy eating, we would be able to look in the mirror and like all that we see.  Unfortunately for many of us, it’s not the case.  What is it about those stubborn areas around our thighs, our waistline, or upper arms that

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